dinsdag 15 april 2014

Just a little apple...

Alleen een klein appeltje is alles wat ik geschilderd heb de laatste tijd. 
Ik had computerproblemen. En het verhuizen van bestanden naar een andere computer en het wennen aan andere programma's kost me veel tijd. Appels schilderen is een leuke afleiding. :)

Just a little apple is all I have painted lately.
I had computer problems. And moving files to another pc and getting familiar with other programs takes a lot of time. Painting apples is a great distraction. :)

26 opmerkingen:

Debbie Nolan zei

Dear Judy - glad you had this lovely distraction - looks lovely. Have a great day.

Laura Moore zei

What a lovely apple it turned out to be. Great colours. Hope the PC problems are sorted now so you can enjoy your painting again. Take care. xx

Lydie zei

Small but with great delicacy.
Love it !

Jane zei

Just a little apple but beautifully painted !

Vandy zei

Sometimes the simple images are the best. This one is beautifully done - wonderful light.

Hanneke zei

Om in te bijten! Hoop dat je computerprobleem opgelost is. Wil je jezelf als volger van mij er even uit gooien en opnieuw plaatsen? Ook ik heb een andere computer maar nu ook een ander email adres en je reacties komen nog op het oude adres terecht, bedankt en groetjes!!

hmuxo zei

This is a beautiful apple, Judy! Only YOU can create such an amazing piece...!

Helen H Trachy zei

I like how you say..."just a little apple "! :) Little things are often the most lovely and precious. Looks yummy to me.

Blaga zei

It's a lovely, luminous apple. We've learned that painting apples takes you to your "happy place" :)
I can absolutely sympathize with your computer challenges. The constant meaningless changes frustrate me a lot too, even though it's part of my profession. It must be the age :)

Sandra Busby zei

A deliciously juicy painting! :0)

Beatriz Abel zei

Maravillosa manzana, la acuarela es su amiga, se conocen muy bien y realizan trabajos admirables!

Mercedes Ares zei

Judy. Una Obra simple pero muy hermosa. Abrazos!!!

Rita Vaselli zei

Dear Judy your apple is SO beautifully painted !!!
I'm sorry to hear that you have problems with the computer so I understand how it can be a problem for have painting time. Changing a PC with a new one (as happened with mine when it was totally spoiled) was a very long job . I wish you a speedy recovery of your computer to resume all the more enjoyable activities!

Studio at the Farm zei

Lovely, Judy! Painting apples sounds like a great distraction to me.
Kathryn xx

Polly Birchall zei

Just a alittle apple? Just a little beautiful painting! Happy Easter

Judy zei

Thank you everyone!

Blaga, for me painting apples definitely makes me happy! I love the blending of the colours, very relaxing. Yes, getting old..... :)

Rita, changing computers takes a lot of time, I hope to be ready and back online soon.

Simonne's fantasiestudio zei

Ook een kleiner werkje kan bekoren hoor Judy.

Susan zei

A lovely distraction - hope all your computer issues are solved.

Kev's Art zei

I really wish I could work washes like this, it's a lovely fresh looking picture. I've had computer problems too, awful trouble getting on blogs, especially USA ones!!

Tito zei

Hi Judy, in these days me too I had some problems with the PC, at the end I was obliged to change it with a new one. Fortunately I have saved every thing on a external hard disk.
The apple is very nice! Ciao!

José Antonio Sánchez zei

Clean, colorful single and Judith, are the three basic concepts that define and apply watercolors extraordinarily your works.

ann @ studiohyde zei

I seem to have missed this one! So glad I've caught up before you eat it Judy, lol...Love this :-)

ashok zei

very nice!


great work judy ...glad you're happy with your new computer ..you can enjoy painting again now

Judy zei

Thank you everyone!!!

Tito zei

Hi Judy, really lovely this blue Anemone. Ciao!