donderdag 8 mei 2014


Ik bewaar al een tijdje de omslagfoto's van mijn televisiegids om te gebruiken als referenties voor het oefenen van portretten. Ik vind het schilderen van portretten leuk, zolang als ze maar niet hoeven te lijken. Dit is de eerste van de serie. Ik zie dat de ogen te groot zijn, het is moeilijk om de ogen niet te veel te accentueren omdat de glamoureuze dames op de omslag allemaal een hoop make-up dragen. 

I have been saving the covers of my television guide for some time now to use them as reference for portrait practice. I love painting portraits, as long as they 
don't have to bear exact resemblance. This is the first of the series. I know the eyes are to big, it is hard not to over-accentuate the eyes since all those glamourous ladies on the cover wear a lot of make-up. 

29 opmerkingen:

Irina Rekhviashvili zei

Well done! Maybe eyes are big, but they are at the place and in tune with other features, lady from the cover will be happy! I am so proud of you, you practice the most difficult subject in most difficult media.

Betty zei

Its very good. I like the colours you have used.

ann @ studiohyde zei

Very good Judy. I can do middle distance people but portraits are difficult. You make it look easy :-)

Studio at the Farm zei

A beautiful study, Judy! As always, I admire the softness of your work.
Kathryn XX

Lorraine Brown zei

I love your loose approach for portraits Judy

Liana Yarckin zei

Stunningly gorgeous! You have a great style!

Jenny zei

If you wanted a phot likeness you can take a picture. A painting captures the essence of the person I think the eyes are most important being the mirror of the soul. You did well with this one,a good study.

Tito zei

Judy, non so se questo è il tuo primo ritratto, ma certamente è un lavoro molto bello e ben riuscito. Non trovo gli occhi eccessivamente grandi e trovo invece che hai usato dei colori e dei toni belli e delicati. Complimenti!

Hanneke zei

Hee Judy leuk, de eerste keer dat ik van jou een portret zie. Mooi gedaan hoor, en dat van die make-up is heel herkenbaar! groetjes

Celia Blanco zei

I love how you have painted her eyes Judy, a beautiful portrait!!

Sproet zei

Prachtig Judy, portretten lijken me enorm moeilijk!

Sandra Busby zei

It is wonderful Judy! And yes, eyes are hard to draw when they are wearing a lot of make-up. And now even false eyelashes are back in fashion!! I think you have done a lovely job :0)


min detail ....nicely done judy ...look forward to seeing more

cathyswatercolors zei

I love your juicy paintings !

Cora zei

heel mooi gedaan. portret schilderen lijkt moeilijk.

Jane zei

She is really pretty Judy , with a great and strong look in her eyes !

hmuxo zei

This portrait is perfect, Judy. The eyes are beautiful and not big at all.. I hope to see more portraits from you.. it's a great exercise!

ashok zei

well done!

Simonne's fantasiestudio zei

Dit is heel mooi gedaan Judy, ik hou wel van mooie grote ogen !
Fijn weekend,

Helen H Trachy zei

The eyes are most important in portraits and I find you did a very good job. She looks bright and full of life. I'll be back to see the next one. :)

Laura Moore zei

Judy this is fabulous. Still so distinctly yours with your lovely loose style and colour choices. I think this is the first portrait I have seen of yours. Nice to see. The eyes are very striking and just right.

Blaga zei

I love to see how a portrait comes out in your delicate transparent style. I like very much the seeming simplicity with which you painted it. She has a lot of presence, her eyes sparkle. Beautiful work, Judy!

Debbie Nolan zei

Dear Judy - the colors and the freshness of this portrait is lovely. I would think eyes would be so difficult to do. I have never been very successful with portraits...may have to do some more practice. Yours turned out so beautiful. Have a great day.

Laura Leeder zei

Such a pretty portrait Judy and I love the eyes! zei


Maria's Watercolor zei

just wonderful ! So loose and fresh.

Judy zei

Thank you all for your lovely comments!!!

Geraldo Maia zei

Very nice colors and painting.
Best wishes.

Dana Konings zei

Magnificent coloring. Have a good weekend.