20 januari 2012

Grote schoonmaak... Spring cleaning...

Ik weet dat het nog geen lente is, maar ik had behoefte aan een blogschoonmaak.
Ik heb het meeste van mijn oude berichten gewist en alleen de meest recente berichten laten staan. Wel blijven er thumbnails van mijn schilderijen in de slideshows te zien.
Van al mijn blogfoto's heb ik een fotoalbum laten drukken.

I know it is not spring yet but I needed a blog cleaning.
I decided to delete most of my old posts and leave only the most recent ones. Thumbnails of my paintings remain visible in the slideshows.
I had a photo album printed of all my blog pictures.

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  1. Nooit over gedacht om een blogschoonmaak te houden. :-)

  2. I always spring clean in Jan too... never thought of cleaning out the blog!
    Love the photo album. Great memories xx

  3. Hi, Judy,
    It's really lovely. Thank you for sharing them all with us on the blog.
    Kind regards,Sadami

  4. Good idea with the album, it's like having your own book published. As for spring cleaning, I should start on my studio ah...think I'll leave it for another day..LOL.

  5. Espéronsz que le ménage fera venir le soleil. Ton album photo est très, très beau !

  6. Good idea, Judy! I always make a New Year cleaning in my studio but never thought about cleaning the blog. The album is also a great idea, yours look beautiful!xx

  7. They look so pretty in a folder like that!
    I also cleaned some old posts from my blog fairly recently. Mainly because many were from the course I was on and so none of the drawings/paintings said anything about me at all :0)
    I'll look forward to what you'll be showing this year :0)

  8. The idea of that kind of album is great, i will definitely borrow it :) just to analyse the progress.

  9. bonne idée que de faire de la place .bel album photo

  10. Hoi Marleen, ik heb de schoonmaakkriebels, op allerlei gebied!

    Thanks Pat! I'm cleaning out and organizing everything I find in the house. ;)

    Thank you Sadami! I can't believe I painted so much!

    Thanks Ann! When the cleaning bug hits you, you have to respond. ;)

    Merci Lydie, oh le soleil... j'espère tu as raison!

    Thank you Anamaria! The album is great to have everything together.

    Thank you Sandra! These loose pages in a folder are a great idea because you can always add more. It's from an online printing company that also makes album books, calendars and cards.

    Thank you Egle! It's a great way to see progress, and you're welcome to borrow the idea!

    Merci beaucoup Isabelle! Un bon moyen de stocker des photos de blog.

  11. great idea!! lovely book you produced too. Have a good weekend!!

  12. Dat is een mooi boek geworden. Ook heel handig als je ergens iets wil laten zien van je werk.

    Geniet van het weekend. Groetjes, Annet

  13. Excellent idea Judy, it's so good to clean out once in a while.

  14. Thanks Cynthia! The book turned out better than I expected and the prints look great! Enjoy the weekend!

    Thanks John! Glad you like the idea!

    Dankje Annet! Ja precies, en omdat het losbladig is, kan je later nog toevoegen of weglaten. Jij ook prettig weekend!

    Thanks Jane! Out with the old and in with the new!

  15. The beginning of a new year is a great time for cleaning. It's also a great way to look back on your accomplishments of the past year!
    All the best,

  16. Wat een idee (een voorjaarsschoonmaakbeurt op je blog) Judy. Leuk dat je een fotoboek heb gemaakt voor jezelf.

  17. A great idea, Judy, and the results gorgeous - I wish it worked for paintings on canvas or board!

  18. blog cleaning...ok good idea.
    would like to do that too!

  19. Dankje Renske, ja het is een mooi overzicht geworden!

    Hi Win! Well, I guess you take photos of your paintings, so you can make a photo album of those blog pictures.

    Thanks Illustration Poetry! Great blog you have!

  20. The album is a great idea, Judy! It is a little sad that you removed all your beautiful paintings from the blog, but I suspect that you have a good reason for that.

  21. Like you, at the beginning of the new year I like to clean, organize my studio and... my photos.
    By the way, thanks for your visits and comments.

    Keep painting !

  22. Thanks Blaga! A little sad yes, that's why I had the album made.

    You're welcome Hélène! Thanks for your visit too!

    Glad you like it, Irina!

  23. Hi Judy, and now for all of that new art you are going to share. The originals are sold i suppose Very tidy to create an album of your beautiful paintings.

  24. Goeds initiatief zo'n grote schoonmaak Judy.
    En je fotoboek is natuurlijk super. heb er zelf een laten maken van mijn stampingblog en verwacht ik binnenkort ook binnen te krijgen. Gaaf.
    groetjes Marja

  25. The album is a great idea Judy! I so admire tidy people! : )

  26. Cathy, I wish they all were sold! :)

    Wat leuk, Marja! Heb je het hele blog laten drukken, ook de tekst?

    Thanks Azra! I am not always so organized! :)

  27. Vind je het niet zonde om die oude berichten weg te halen? Ik vind het soms juist leuk om terug te scrollen en te zien wat ik in het begin maakte/poste.


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