23 januari 2012

Inspiratie... Inspiration...

Geinspireerd door een foto door Gwen Card op Paint My Photo.
Dit schilderij is te koop in mijn Etsy shop.

Inspired by a picture by Gwen Card on Paint My Photo.
This painting is available in my Etsy shop.

22 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful floral, Judy. Love the realistic part coming forth from the loose. xx

  2. This is great Judy, I like the way you let the water in the watercolour do its thing.

  3. Morning Pat, thank you! The photo is like that, sharp in the center and out-of-focus to the edges. That's what attracted me to paint.

    Morning Ann, thank you! I like splashing paint around!

  4. Lovely watercolor Judy! I like these colors and how you let them to melt. Ciao!

  5. Judy this is sooo beautiful. Love the colors and fantastic the centre of the painting so clear and then the soft edges. Love it. I stay looking at it.
    Greet Marja

  6. Beautiful and delicate work of interpretation of the photo.

  7. Ik kon de foto niet bekijken, maar ik vind jouw aqaurel wederom schitterend. Seringen, zo subtiel geschilderd. Klasse! Groetjes, Marleen.

  8. Hallo Judy. Mooi geschilderd hoor. Zo zacht.

  9. Thank you Tito!

    Dankje Marja!

    Thank you Cristina and Lydie!

    Dankje Marleen! Ik geloof dat je in moet loggen om de foto te zien. En ik weet ook niet of ik de foto zomaar hier kan neerzetten.

    Dankje Renate!

  10. What beautiful colours you have used! And so softly done - I LOVE this. It gives me a taste of the summer :0)

  11. Oh, I can almost smell their perfume. Beautiful!!

  12. I love how you paint flowers - some detail, enough to tell the viewer what it is, and much suggestion to keep the exploring. Lovely colors!

  13. Ciao Judi, I like too much this work
    for the colors and the mouvement.
    These flowers are dancing...
    Ciao, Floriana

  14. Thank you Sandra! I have a lilac tree in my garden with this dark purple flowers. And looking at the photo I was surprised to see burnt sienna in them.

    Thank you John! I wish it was spring already!

    Thank you Blaga! I am pleased with this one though I see points of improvement. The red purple is a permanent colour and was difficult to "fade out".

    Dankje Cora!

    Thank you Floriana! Yes I can see what you mean by dancing.

  15. Lilacs are very interesting to paint due to their various hues. I know it is not always easy thing to do.
    The best way is yours.

  16. Thank you Hélène! No not easy but I love lilacs, I will always find a way to paint them. I am happy you like them!

  17. Thank you so much, Jane!

    Thank you Helena!


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