17 november 2017

a desk full of pigeons...

Mijn hele werktafel ligt vol met duiven, maar deze twee vind ik het leukst.
Of a desk full of pigeons I like these two best.

10 november 2017

making adjustments to your blog - sharing tips...

NB: You'll find a copy of this blogpost on the page Bloggertips (see navigation menu at top of my blog).

I have been busy making adjustments to my blog. And I'd like to share the links to the info that I used. In case you are thinking about changing the look of your blog too, this may save you some time looking for the right info. 

Of course there are a number of new blogger themes available now. And a lot more to find on internet. But it seems you may lose some of the widgets in the sidebar, using these themes. And I can't find one I like. So I decided to make changes this way. Happy to share, hope it may help you too.

Changes can be made by adding CSS on Customize Theme > Advances > Add CSS. And/or making changes to the HTML of your blog.
But before making any change....... ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR BLOG FIRST!!!

 I also made a testblog: a new blog that I kept private. So I could try out every change there first, without ruining my painting blog. Many of the things I tried, did not work or looked awful. So this testblog proved very useful.
So here is a list of links to changes that did work for me. Have fun! :)

Centering header

Centering menu/page navigation

Numbered page navigation

Remove image borders

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Back to Top button

Social Media buttons with Font Awesome

Contact Page

5 ways to make Popular Posts widget look better

7 things to remove from blogger

Sites where you can find more adjustments and widgets for Blogger blogs:


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