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Painting and drawing have always been a part of my life since childhood. A course of plein air watercolour painting in my twenties really started my love for watercolour. I followed another course of still life painting, but I did not paint very much for years. I was creative in other ways, being a mother.

Until in 2010 I picked up my brushes again, bought myself new paints and paper and that was it. I have not stopped painting since then. Not long after that, I started my blog, and came into contact with lots of other watercolour artists all over the world. Painting has really become a common thread in my life, and sometimes a lifeline. Hence the name of my blog.

Watercolour never ceases to fascinate me. I love the brightness, the transparency, the flow and the always unexpected and beautiful wet in wet effects. Colour is very important to me.

I also strive for simplification. It always surprises me how little brushstrokes are needed to characterise a subject. 'Lost and found edges' fascinate me for the same reason.

Apart from some landscapes and portraits, most of my subjects are taken from everyday life. Sometimes flowers, sometimes inspiration from the kitchen in the form of fruit and vegetables, sometimes treasures I find in nature.

I don't know where the endless possibilities of watercolour will take me, but it will be a fascinating journey!

xx Judy

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About me