21 mei 2012


Het voordeel van bloemen schilderen, in tegenstelling tot portretten, is dat het niet exact hoeft te lijken. Het ziet er toch wel als een bloem uit. Spelend met nat in nat effecten heb ik gisteren deze rhododendronbloem geschilderd. Ik denk dat ik hem zal bijsnijden zoals je hieronder kunt zien.

The advantage of painting flowers, as opposed to portraits, is that it does not have to have exact resemblance. It will look like a flower anyway. Playing with wet in wet effects I painted this rhododendron flower yesterday. I think I'll crop it, as you can see below.

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  1. Schiterend Judy. Prachtig de diepte van de hartjes van de bloem en de stampertjes. Erg mooi.
    groetjes Marja

  2. Judy, that's true about flowers - they usually come out looking like flowers. :) I like the crop, too.

  3. What beautiful flowers free in space and in the wind ...Why cut them so much?
    I very like the background!
    Judy,please,the golden section could save a bit 'of this pleasant

  4. Hoi Marja, dankje! Ik moest me even uitleven voordat ik weer aan een portret begin. :)

    Hi Kathryn, I needed a wild painting before starting another portrait. :)

    Hi Rita, thank you! Yes I like some parts of the background too, and you are right, a little more background would be better.

  5. Judy that's why I love to paint flowers--while they are demanding, they really aren't--same with landscapes. I like both croppings of this painting, but I think the close up rendition needs more contrast in the center of the flowers.

  6. I like this uncropped Judy, and have to say that it looked so good, that in the thumbnail I thought it was a photograph...testament I say to a very successful painting.

  7. Beautiful ... flowers are the happiest things to paint.
    ps .. thanks for always coming by Judy...

  8. Hi Linda, I will always be inspired by flowers and their colours! I'm not sure I will go in again, afraid to loose the spontaneity of the painting.

    Thank you Ann, that is a great compliment! I painted this as blobs of colour, and dark/light spots.

    Hi BJ, I just love flowers! I hope you are doing well!

  9. The original has such a beautiful depth that is lost in the second version.Please,Judy, keep it as it is! It's a beautiful watercolour!Don't crop it!!!

  10. Ma chère Judy je pense que Annamaria a raison vous devriez la laisser telle que vous l'avez magnifiquement bien peinte...
    J'aime la pureté avec laquelle votre touche la rend pure et éclatante à la fois.
    Je vous fais de gros bisous.

  11. You catch the rhododendron flowers shape and color in you own watercolor manner and style. Very well painted.

  12. The uncropped version is gorgeus :)

  13. The leaves in the uncropped version are perfect, they just scream Rhododendron , would be a pity to cut them away, lovely work Judy !

  14. I like the uncropped because the leaves give some depth and additional colour, it is really beautiful. But the cropped version would look good blown up large on a canvas board.

  15. Di una delicatezza disarmante, complimenti!

  16. Anamaria, Martinealison, Maga, Egle, Jane, Betty and Simo: thank you!

    And thank you all for your feedback! You all seem to be in agreement not to crop. So I won't!

  17. Hello Judy!I look this morning to see if I was alone to think of it this way!
    If you saw the last challenge to DPW, the idea of a great work and a smaller
    adapts to what you did ... now the crop could do it on a second sheet of paper for emphasis only to the flowers!CIAO

  18. Bonjour Judy,
    mon avis rejoint celui des autres personnes.
    La premières version est très belle et brosse un beau portrait de ces magnifiques fleurs avec une profondeur intéressante.
    Je verrais bien la second en grand format, un focus sur la fleur elle-même, comme une abstraction ou un jeu de couleur.
    Je me dis tous les ans que je devrais peindre les rhododendrons de mon jardin, tu ouvres la voie...
    Bisous !

  19. Isn't that just the wonderful thing about nature? We'll all recognise a flower as a flower :)
    Your rhododendron is gorgeous - I love the cropped version. xx

  20. As I've never painted a flower ...or much else really, I will take your word that it's going to look like a flower anyway.

    I like the un-cropped because of the foliage and the flower centres seem darker and add a little more contrast.

    Both lovely though :0)

  21. Hi, Judy,
    Soft and nice! Regarding portraits, in my experiences, I always try not to make work look like a subject = relaxing. Then, outcome is nice. Regarding resemblenss, if work captures the most interesting part, the work often looks like him/her and lively.
    Cheers, Sadami

  22. Great idea, Rita, thanks! You are not alone as you can see.

    Thank you Lydie, also great idea! This way of painting was an experiment for me, first I'll try it with some other flowers.
    Rhododendrons, I love them in my garden, but very complex to paint, good luck!

    Thank you Pat, nature is great! :) We are the only ones liking the cropped version better. :)

    Thank you John! The contrast differences have to do with scanning/photographing flaws. In reality the flower centers are as dark as the foliage.

    Thank you so much, Sadami, for your tips about portraits! Very much appreciated from someone who is expert in human figures! I think I try portraits of anonymous persons first, so no pressure for likeness.

  23. Mooi!
    Geweldig hoe jij nat in nat kunt schilderen.

    Ik heb afgelopen weekend foto's gemaakt van net zo'n soort rhododendron. Ik denk dat ik er ook een aquarel van ga maken, maar ik denk niet dat mijn schilderij op die van jou gaat lijken. Ik durf nog steeds niet zo veel water te gebruiken als jij.

  24. Ik vind ze beide mooi. Zo mooi wazig. Een echte aquarel. Groetjes, Marleen.

  25. Judy stumbled onto your blog - your art is so lovely. I love your colors - they are so soft. Thanks for sharing.

  26. Judy, cuando he visto tus flores tan hermosas he pensado que dulzura de colores! Un abrazo!

  27. soft washes judy ..both crops work i prefer the top one ... a few rhododenrons are only just starting to appear here

  28. Oh this is just exquisitely painted! And I just love the way you have cropped it - It works really well :0)

  29. Hallo Judy:) Zou het NU raar lijken als ik zeg dat ik hem niet mooi vindt? Ik zou niet durven; krijg ik 28 personen over me heen. Hij is heeeel mooi geworden en een heerlijke frisse kleur! Precies dezelfde die ik ook heb. Had, 1 dag zon en de bloemen zijn dood..

  30. Heel mooi : om bij weg te dromen en de lente te omarmen !

  31. Sorry Judy a bit slow in getting here. Love both versions for different reasons. Both are exquiste and scrumptiously beautiful so whatever you decide you are on to a winner... You, the artist, is the one who knows what the objective is here, to explain the flower in full detail or to tantalise the viewer to puzzle it out, which do you want to achieve? A question to ask yourself before you crop maybe.

  32. Comparing the two versions it is obvious that the cropped one has been lightened by the process. I can see that it ought to have more contrast than shown in this photo. Wonderful!

  33. Judy it's a beautiful likeness. I would play a bit more with the cropping...showing more of the greens in the background will add another layer of interest and depth. I love to use an old matt cut in half and experiment with different cropping arrangements. All the best!

  34. Me gustan las dos versiones, la cortada y la original, las pinceladas tan sueltas y el color hacen una acuarela muy agradable.

  35. Your lovely flowers look exactly like rhododendrons - my favorites! Beautiful color!

  36. Hoi Jennifer! Succes met jouw rhodo!

    Dankjewel Marleen!

    Hello Debbie, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!

    Muchas gracias, Sonia!

    Thank you Jane, my washes are not half as beautiful as yours!

    Sandra, thanks!

    Renate, dankjewel, maar je mag alles zeggen wat je wilt hoor!

    Simonne, dankjewel! Dat is erg mooi gezegd!

    Hi Laura, thank you for your sound advice! I'll think about that!

    Thank you John, I'm glad you like it!

    Thank you Laura, I think I should leave a little more green in the crop too. I do that too with an old mat.

    Muchas gracias Tina! They are such beautiful flowers, almost like flamenco dancers!

    Thank you Susan!

  37. Hi Judy, in my opinion your Rhododendron are absolutely beautiful (one of the best version I have ever seen). Do not crop them please! Ciao!

  38. Stupendo!! buona giornata...ciao

  39. Ohhh mine are blooming right now and you nailed the color down...wow. I love the edges on the uncropped version and cropped looks lovely as I can see the blooms better...have a sunny day...it is HOT here...my paint is drying toooo fast:)

  40. Ciao Judy,
    very beatiful these flowers!
    I like very much the colours!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  41. Grazie mille, Tito, I'll think carefully about cropping.

    Thank you for your comment and visit, Giancarlo!

    Hi Cyn, such spectacular flowers, aren't they! Good luck with your paintings! Hot here too, pff!

    Floriana, thank you! Ciao!


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