24 november 2018

finding inspiration for Christmas...

Ik heb nog niet serieus over kerstkaarten nagedacht. We krijgen hier in Nederland eerst nog Sinterklaas op 5 december. 
Maar ik probeer alvast wat ideeën uit. Dit is er één van.
Hoe zit het bij jou? Al ideeën voor kaarten?

I haven't had serious thoughts about my Christmas cards yet this year. In the Netherlands we first celebrate St. Nicolas' birthday on December 5th.
I am working out some ideas though. This is one of them.
How about you? Any ideas for cards yet?

8 opmerkingen:

  1. No ideas yet! Your landscape is wonderful! Enjoy the season!
    oxo Susi

  2. I found some at Walmart...but these handmade ones are stunning!

  3. Judy this idea would make a lovely card. I used to create Christmas cards. Have not done so for several years. May have to give it a try this year. Thank you for inspiring me. Hugs!

  4. It is lovely, Judy! I like the hinted sun shining over the little fir in the foreground and the long shadows on the snow, so wintery! And masterfully simplified.

  5. So I'm a real Christmas addict and paint every years some watercolors and cards. Your first step into the right mood is really lovely and a lovely inspiration.

    Thank you so much Judy.

  6. This would definitely make a beautiful card Judy!!! The afternoon sun hitting the trees is perfect. Enjoy the rest of the day.....

  7. Thanks to you I am starting to think about Christmas . Normally beginning of December is my usual time of serious Christmas thoughts, but this puts me in the mood :-)


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