28 januari 2023

sneeuwklokjes - snowdrops

Sneeuwklokjes 2023.
Snowdrops 2023.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Echt weer zó knap..! Er staan vorige onder.. ik vind dít echt de mooiste (tot nu toe..! ;-) ) !

  2. Judy such delicate flowers painted with great and lovely skill. So glad to see you are busy painting again and of course my favorite subject - flowers. Hugs!

  3. Je kunstwerkjes worden steeds voller en zelfverzekerder. Mooi!

  4. As you know, Snowdrops are a big favourite of mine and this painting just sums up what they are all about ... fresh, joyful and the promise of things to come. Superb!!!

  5. Gorgeous! I absolutely love white and green in flowers and paintings. Your snowdrops look like they are swaying in a gentle breeze.

  6. The best way to welcome spring - a beautiful painting of snowdrops!


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