21 januari 2017

What watch...

Mr. Leuchtag: Liebchen, what watch?
Mrs. Leuchtag: Ten watch.
Mr. Leuchtag: Such much?
Carl: Hm. You will get along beautiful in America, mm-hmm. (From "Casablanca")

Kon deze quote niet weerstaan. :)
Could not resist this quote. :)

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18 opmerkingen:

  1. Enjoy painting, Judy! Cheers, Sadami

  2. Ha-ha, I love this dialogue!
    It's interesting how the splatter background creates the impression of something antique.

  3. Beautiful painting. Perfect choice of quotes from a great movie!

  4. What an interesting subject....and love the rendering of it.....how time flies,,,,considering Jan. is already half over and I thought I would blog a bit more:) this year. The days just seem to get away from me. Maybe I need a watch like this.

  5. Well done, love the subject, so beautifully painted.

  6. What a wonderfully unique subject - such fun!

  7. Ah Judy - love this painting. So well done and depicting it hanging from the chain around the neck makes it even more delightful. As always your colors are so dreamy and lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Very beautiful done Judy!!

    and I love your chosen quote ;-)


  9. Dit is knap gedaan Judy !
    groetjes van Simonne

  10. There's something about a pocket watch... Maybe it's nostalgic as my Grandad used to have one. What a great subject Judy! And of course a lovely painting too :0)


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