18 september 2017

chestnut time...

Ze zijn er weer en ik raapte ze op, om te schilderen en te fotograferen.
Ik heb ze al vaker geschilderd, zie hier.
Deze keer heb ik ook een blad meegenomen.
Het is herfst.

Ook heb ik foto's van kastanjes gemaakt voor mijn nieuwe blog.
Ik heb er mijn foto's van Deventer ondergebracht, maar ook nieuwe stukjes geschreven.
Het Deventer gedeelte is ook in het Engels, maar de rest is alleen Nederlands.
Neem een kijkje: Bubbels


They are here again and I picked them up, to paint and to take photos.
I painted them earlier, see here.
I took a leaf this time as well.
Autumn is here.

I also took photos of chestnuts for my new blog.
My Deventer photos are on that blog, but I also wrote some new stories.
The Deventer part is in Dutch and English, but the rest is only in Dutch.
For writing a story I best express myself in my own language.
There is a translate button at the bottom, but the translation is appalling, sorry.
Take a look: Bubbels

14 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful, Judy! Best wishes, Sadami

  2. Judy, this is an absolutely delightful work ... simple, beautiful and fresh. I love it!!

    Kathryn XX

  3. J'aime énormément. Quelle délicatesse. Tout en transparence. Merci Judy.

  4. Judy - this is my kind of painting. Love your subject and the leaf is such a great addition. Here in America we roast them at the holidays. Glad to see Autumn has brought you inspiration. Take care and have a great week. Hugs!

  5. Fabulously well done , love your loose style !

  6. Lovely Judy - such beautiful marks. It reminded me of Sargent with those sparkling whites.

  7. You have a way with watercolor, Judy! I envy your edges!!

    I checked out your blog, how wonderful. I wish I knew Dutch and your photos are beautiful, best wishes!

  8. I love all the colors in your leaf Judy! Nice work. I also checked out your blog. Beautiful photos... I didn't know chestnuts are good for rheumatism....I learned something today! Enjoy the rest of the evening!!!!

  9. A very beautiful balance of soft and hard edges!


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