13 december 2017

christmas spirit and copycats...

Ik hou ervan om kleine kerstdecoraties te schilderen. Ik heb er een hoop gedaan in de loop der jaren. Kijk maar hier. Sommige heb ik gebruikt voor kerstkaarten.

I love painting little Christmas decorations. I painted a lot over the years. Look here. I used some of them for Christmas cards.


Het kleine hulstblaadje hieronder maakte ik in 2010. Ik had destijds een grote hulststruik in mijn voortuin, dus ik had life schildervoorbeelden te over. Ik gebruikte het schilderijtje op de achterkant van kerstkaarten die ik had laten drukken. Een kleine afbeelding vlak boven de copyright tekst.
Tot mijn ontzetting zag ik dat dit blaadje gekopieerd was door een bekende Amerikaanse aquarelliste, die het op dezelfde manier had gebruikt als ik: op de achterkant van haar kerstkaarten. Ze zal het ongetwijfeld zelf geschilderd hebben, maar het was een exacte kopie van mijn illustratie, inclusief de twee bessen. Niet eens een eigen interpretatie, nee, exact hetzelfde. 
Hetzelfde gebeurde met mijn engelenveer die ik in 2014 schilderde. Een vrijwel exacte kopie, in dezelfde kleuren, vond ik enige tijd later terug op het blog van een Franse blogvriendin (geen vriend meer). Ze gebruikte het ook als een kaart.

The little holly leaf below I made in 2010. At the time I had a huge holly bush in my frontgarden, so I had plenty of life references. I used the little painting on the backside of Christmas cards that I had printed, just a small image above the copyright text.  To my dismay I saw that a well-known American watercolorist had copied my little painting, and used it the same way I did: on the back of her Christmas cards. She undoubtedly painted it herself, but it was an exact copy of my illustration, including the two berries. Not even her own interpretation, no, an exact copy.
The same thing happened with my angel feather, that I painted in 2014. An almost exact copy, using the same colours as I did, I found some time later on the blog of a French blogfriend (not my friend anymore). She also used it as a card. 

Sommigen zeggen dat je het op moet vatten als een compliment, dat iemand je werk kopieert. Maar ik krijg er nog steeds een heel naar gevoel van in mijn maag, als ik eraan terugdenk. Het is gewoon diefstal. Zeker als iemand anders zelf met de eer gaat strijken.
Om toch positief te eindigen... laat je inspireren, maar blijf alsjeblieft trouw aan jezelf!!!

Some would say that it should be taken as a compliment that someone copies your work. But I still feel sick to my stomach when I think of it. It is pure theft.
More so if someone else is taking credit for it.
To end on a positive note..... feel free to be inspired, but please be true to yourself!!!

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  1. Judy, copying art is wrong and has nothing to do with appreciation.
    I wish you a lovely pre-Christmas time! Enjoy the Holly.

  2. Oh Dear, I know exactly what you mean and feel. It makes you feeling helpless and very, very annoying! I hate this kind of people !! :(

    But let my say again (and again and again!!) I love your very unique style so very much. You use watercolor so masterful and elegant. and your colour choice is always superb, eye catching and modern.

    Be sure, you inspires me a lot. Your love for watercolor and your attention to the smallest things makes you to a real soul sister Judy.

    Send your huge hugs

  3. Thank you both, Paula and Isabella, for your encouraging words!

  4. That would get me so angry Judy... Yes...its stealing... I've been following you for years and your work is always so unique and beautiful! I went back to see your work from years ago...and what a treat to see them again....sending you hugs....

  5. Dear Judy, There should be copyrights and Arts Law Centre that advocate artists in each country. Apart from the legal phase, mentally, please use your own support system. I'm on your side and send you my big hugs stretched out from here. Best wishes, Sadami

  6. Thank you so much Hilda, you are so kind! Hugs!

  7. Thank you so much for your support, Sadami! I just wanted to share how hurtful this is, even though it happened some time ago. Big hugs!

  8. Judy so sorry to read this. It is stealing. Sending you my sympathy and big hugs.

  9. We look to be inspired by others but to flat out copy someones work and then say it is your own is wrong. I hope they read your post. Have a wonderful holiday, Judy! Your work is always so beautiful!

  10. You are totally right. I would be really hurt if it happened to me. There are so many ways to be inspired in our work without copying others.
    Have a very special Christmas and a New Year full of gratification. Hugs

  11. The least she should have done is give you the credit...But cheerup, your works are so inspiring

  12. Dear Judy, you are absolutely right! One thing would be for a beginner to copy your painting as part of learning. But for a "well known" artist to do that, this is so arrogant. I would be so hurt and furious. I think I understand you.
    On the other hand, I think that your little holly leaf and berries are just so perfect! And the pine branch - it always amazes me how you manage to turn the most ordinary subject into a beautiful, yet so unpretentious piece of art!

  13. Thank you Helen, Ashok and Blaga! Just wanted to mention this on my blog for once, because at the time I did not know what to do and kept quiet. Now it is off my chest... moving on to a wonderful Christmas!


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