16 maart 2018

painting spring - snowdrops 2

Nog meer sneeuwklokjes. 
Bij het vorige schilderij gebruikte ik Pruisisch blauw in de achtergrond, nu het meer transparante  ultramarijn blauw. Ook hier heb ik met plastic folie gewerkt. 
Op een bepaald moment zag het er uit als op de onderste foto.

More snowdrops. 
With the previous painting I used Prussian blue in the background, now the more transparent ultramarine blue. I used clingfilm here as well. 
At some point it looked like in the photo below.

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Love this! A bit of Spring!!

  2. Do you press the cling film into the wet paint to give an effect? It works beautifully however you do it .....Stay Warm!

    1. Indeed John, cling film into the wet paint. The creases and folds create lighter and darker patches in the wet paint. As long as the paint is wet you can arrange the creases to your liking. Then let the painting dry before removing the cling film.

  3. The cling film produced a beautiful effect !

  4. Love the effect of the cling film, Judy. Beautiful painting!!

  5. I like all your snowdrop paintings. The plastic wrap did a very good job in making the background more interesting and varied. You must have worked very fast to be able to apply it before the paper dries


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