07 april 2018


Twee dikke hommels. Altijd al willen schilderen.
Ik werk aan een boekje met een aantal aquarellen en illustraties over de natuur. Ik heb er zo veel geschilderd in de loop der jaren. Ik wil er graag een aantal bundelen.
Deze dikkerds zullen er zeker in voorkomen.

Two fat bumblebees. Always wanted to paint them.
I am working on a little book with a few watercolours and illustrations about nature. I painted so many over the years, I'd like to bring some of them together.
These fatties will certainly feature in it.

12 opmerkingen:

  1. Love these little bees. They would be SO perfect in your book...

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous!! Great bzzz for your book!!

  3. Very nicely painted, Judy, you captured both their fuzzy coat and the movement. I love watching bumble bees too.

  4. Love these two bumble bees , wish there were more of them in nature, they seem to become more and more rare :-(

  5. They are just AMAZING!!!
    Wonderful painted!
    I just saw two of them today in my garden....♥♥♥ and that made me happy!
    I love bumble bees!
    oxo Susi

  6. I love your buzzy bees Judy....will you publish your book or do one on Issuu?

  7. Oh these really are worth adding to your book, lovely work, Judy

  8. Wow Judy - I am loving your bees. Hope to see your book too - it sounds like one that is right down my alley. Take care friend and have a great week. Hugs!

  9. Good luck with the book.. your watercolors are amazing. !!

  10. Gorgeous! I have been starting to spot them in the garden this last couple of weeks. Can't wait to find out more about your book - exciting project.


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