15 april 2018

little angels...

Op Facebook is een nieuwe groep gestart met de bedoeling om 100 washes in een jaar te maken. Dat komt neer op 2 per week. Watercolor washes with Maggie Latham. Je bent welkom om mee te doen!

Mijn eerste paar washes, little gems zoals ze genoemd worden, zijn engeltjes.
Ik had een beetje moeilijke start. Ik vind het leuk om mee te doen, maar ik geef voorrang aan mijn gewone werk, dingen die op mijn lijstje heb staan en die ik graag wil uitwerken. Het gekozen formaat was 10 x10 cm (4 x 4 inch), maar dat is veel te klein voor mij. Ik vond het gepriegel en werk liever iets groter.

Mijn uitprobeersels zijn geen 'affe' schilderijen, soms alleen maar rijp voor de prullenbak. Ik heb wat moeite om die dan ineens 'little gems' te noemen. 
Enfin, dit zijn een aantal probeer-engeltjes. Wie weet wat er uit voortkomt.


On Facebook a new group has started with the intention to paint 100 washes in a year. That is about two a week. Watercolor washes with Maggie Latham. You are welcome to join!

My first washes, little gems as they are called, are little angels.
I had a difficult start. I've loved to join the group, but my normal work, the things that are on my list and would love to work out, has priority. The chosen size was 10 x10 cm (4 x 4 inch), but that is much to small for me. I chose a slightly bigger size.

My trial paintings are no 'finished' paintings, sometimes only fit for the bin. So it feels wrong to call them 'little gems'. 
Anyhow, these are a few trial-angels. Who knows what will come out of it.

13 x 18 cm - 5 x 7 inch

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh thank you Sandi and Susi!

  2. Maybe not "finished" but beautiful nevertheless! I see some lovely effects of the pigment. This would be a great exercise if you find the time to stick with it. Maybe this is an idea...

  3. Hi, Judy, good work. Enjoy the new project. Cheers, Sadami

  4. Thank you Blaga and Sadami. I am still considering if I will continue in this group. But exercise and exploring the subject I will certainly continue. Thank you for the feedback!

  5. I can see why you want to do this, the results are more than just promising. Nice to try something new and outside the comfort zone. Interesting to see where you go on this one, Judy

  6. Ah Judy I think this is a great exercise that could lead to wonderful results - just like your lovely angels. Like you I am busy but just may try this out and join in as well. Just beginning to join in with doodlewash. Anything that keeps me painting is welcome. Take care friend and have a lovely day.

  7. They look good enough for me to be the finished version !

  8. They're all beautiful and certainly gems!


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