zondag 1 juni 2014

Portrait 4

Het is zo moeilijk om op tijd te stoppen. De verleiding om nog een lijntje te schilderen is enorm! Dus ik heb mezelf streng toegesproken en geroepen: stop, stop nu! :) Ik hoop dat het gelukt is.
Dit is een Palestijns meisje, van een foto die al jaren wachtte om geschilderd te worden.

It is so hard to stop in time. The temptation to paint another line is huge! So I have been very strict to myself and shouted: stop, stop now! :) I hope I succeeded.
This is a Palestinian girl, from a photo that had been waiting for years to be painted.

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Lydie zei

You are right to stop. This portrait is very effective, less is more for sure.

Polly Birchall zei

Your portrait is so clever, as w/c is the hardest medium, I think, for portraits. I am fascinated by your brushstrokes and skin tone.

Jane zei

Great shadowing and wonderful and sweet expression in the eyes .

Jenny zei

Beautiful portrait, Judy. You stopped right on time. That is my biggest problen. xo Jenny

Helen H Trachy zei

Fine work Judy! I love portraits and its not always easy.

Sandra Busby zei

It's lovely Judy! Portraits are tricky to do, but I do enjoy doing them myself too :0)

Irina Rekhviashvili zei

The portrait is so nervous, I mean emotions and sight in the eyes of the girl, great work.
I never can stop in time. In watercolor, too.

Debbie Nolan zei

Dear Judy - wonderful portrait...you certainly captured her personality in the eyes and the smile. Hope you have a great day. Loved your wild roses from the previous post too.

John (JWJarts) zei

Another brilliant portrait Judy. Under worked, understated in a masterful fashion. Superb!!!

Lisa Le Quelenec zei

Your portrait series beautiful. It's hard to do portraiture but in watercolour it is definitely a challenge. Great stuff!

ann @ studiohyde zei

My word, you really are good at portraits Judy :-)

Celia Blanco zei

Beautiful expression and smile. Her eyes pull me in, such a lovely face!


Wat mooi en knap Judy. Jij gaat as een speer. Groetjes, Marleen.

Kev's Art zei

Beautiful, lively handling Judy. How I admire your discipline, I wish I had it!! Lovely work!!

nanda devi zei

very motivating to see your paintings I want to do paintings like yours.

José Antonio Sánchez zei

I like the ease of stroke and those fused with water and color that characterize your work.

Rita Vaselli zei

When I was studying creative writing, the major work of the teacher was directed to restrict the use of words.
Also in the painting is so. The teachers say do not use two brush strokes where one will do .... easy to say, hard to do. But you were really good at keeping the commitment and the result is perfect!


Good decision and re ally good risulta judy .


Result ! Beautiful fresh roses

Laura Moore zei

Fabulous Judy. They eyes have it again. You are excelling at those. Take care. xx

Tito zei

Complimenti Judy, questo ritratto è davvero splendido. Magnifica l'espressione piena di vita di questa ragazza palestinese. Un abbraccio.

http://carolking.wordpress.com zei

beautiful portrait.

Hanneke zei

Hey Judy, ik lees altijd eerst de voorgaande commentaren en was erg getroffen door Rita (so true!!!) De ogen zijn in vergelijking met de rest van je prachtige portret wat hard uitgevallen, is ook het moeilijkste onderdeel van het portret vind ik zelf. Blijf ze alsjeblieft maken, ik geniet er erg van, groetjes

Cynthia Schelzig zei

I had to catch up here on your blog....wonderful work as always!
I have this week off and oh my it is already THURSDAY,,,how did that happen. I think I need a whole month off. I have been painting a lot though,,,just not blogging. I really like your color choices on your portrait series. Do you know David Lobenberg's portraits? Check out his colors.....omg, I want to take a workshop with him:) Have a sunny day.....

cathyswatercolors zei

such a wonderful painting! The best

Laura Leeder zei

Judy, you have the gift of saying so much with just a few strokes of color!

hmuxo zei

Knowing when to stop is sometimes difficult....you did a wonderful job on this portrait, Judy! She's beautiful and painting this in watercolor amazes me!!! Excellent work!!!

Watermarycolors zei

A wonderful portrait, i love it! hugs

Blaga zei

Very live and expressive, I like it!