dinsdag 10 juni 2014

Red cherries...

Naar een foto uit mijn archief. 
Deze soort rode kersen is hier niet te vinden. De kersen die hier nu in de winkels te koop zijn, zijn donkerder rood, soms bijna zwart van kleur.
Die zwarte kersen heb ik vorig jaar geschilderd, zie hier.

From a photo in my archive. 
This variety of red cherries is not to be found here. The cherries now available in the shops here, are a much darker red, almost black in colour.
Those black cherries I painted last year, see here.

22 opmerkingen:

Celia Blanco zei

I just love the way you paint Judy, these look good enough to eat! We have the same dark quality cherries here.

hmuxo zei

Beautiful work, Judy!! They look yummy! The softness in your paintings are like no other.! Excellent work!!

Jane zei

Oh I love this, such great freedom , really beautiful !

Lisa Le Quelenec zei

Delicious! I love the shadows.

Studio at the Farm zei

Judy, I found myself flicking back and forth from the black to the red cherries several times, noticing how much your painting has grown over the past year. :)
Kathryn XX

Sandra Busby zei

These look good enough to eat! Really beautiful :0)

ann @ studiohyde zei

Life IS a bowl of cherries :-) Love this painting Judy.

I couldn't resist adding this:

Irina Rekhviashvili zei

Beautiful watercolor plate. I wonder how to switch to cherries, as I am deep into ice cream diet already a week..

Kev's Art zei

Beautifully loose, fluid and juicy. Fabulous work!!!

cathyswatercolors zei


mindfuldrawing.com zei

Yum! You might find the red ones on cherrie picking farmlands. (In de Betuwe).

Cynthia Schelzig zei

ohhhFABULOUS!!! I love this!!I know what you mean about the big black cherries,,,we have a lot right now...also some with a quin gold ting but these,,,,wow,,,wonderful work!

Laura Moore zei

Just scrumptious. Really... good enough to eat. :-)

Cora zei

Ik heb net kersen gekocht, en inderdaad dit zoort is hier niet te vinden. Dit is een prachtig schilderij, echt jouw style.

Rita Vaselli zei

Here time of cherries everywhere! Our hills are full of these plants!
Your cherries are so perfect to admire ... yummie...
even to eat!

Judy zei

Thank you, Celia, Hilda, Jane, Lisa, Kathryn, Sandra!

Ann, great song, did not know it!

Irina, I like your diet! :) Icecream and lots of whipped cream and a cherry on top!

Thank you Kev, Cathy!

Petra, you are probably right that there are red cherries in the Betuwe! Zelf plukken dan maar.

Cynthia, these black cherries here come from Greece.

Thank you Laura, Cora, Rita!

Lydie zei

Actuellement les cerises sont délicieuses. Les tiennes sont tout simplement irrésistibles.

Blaga zei

They look yummy! The color reminds me of a hybrid of sour cherries that I love, they are also translucent, like the ones you painted.

Simonne's fantasiestudio zei

Ze zien er dan ook heel lekker uit hoor !!

Laura Leeder zei

Very nice Judy...my mouth is watering! Our cherries are a month away from being ready to pick. Can't wait!

Tito zei

Davvero splendido questo vassoio di ciliege. Un acquerello eseguito con grande maestria e sensibilità. Complimneti Judy! Un abbraccio.

Judy zei

Thank you Lydie, Blaga, Simonne, Laura and Tito!