27 maart 2012

Goud en zilver... Gold and silver...

Challenge 36 Rookiepainter.

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  1. oh wow you handled these two metals fabulously!!

  2. Hello Judy!Today I also working on this challenge!BEAUTIFUL work and RIGHT metal reflections!

  3. Ciao,
    very nice colours and I like also that are two, like friends talking
    about warm and cold!
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  4. Well done Judy, these really do look like gold and silver, not an easy subject at all, great job.

  5. These really work for me, Judy. Trying to keep circular/spherical objects in perspective is very difficult, particularly at the angles you have set the subjects, but you've made it look easy.

    ... and they look really metallic.

  6. Absolutely fantastic Judy! I am mid way through painting a brass oil lamp and I must say, it has not been an easy task at all! You look like you found it so easy!:0)

  7. Thanks Cynthia!

    Hi Rita! Love to see your painting!

    Thank you Floriana! That is a nice thought, two friends talking.

    Hi Ann, no not easy. You have to just paint what you see and forget what it is.

    Hi John, thank you! I am not responsible for the set up, Jen of Rookiepainter is. But there certainly are a lot of round shapes in this painting, hard to draw free hand. :)

    Hi Sandra, thank you! No not easy, as I said, paint what you see not what you think you see. Looking forward to your brass oil lamp, I am sure it will be smashing!

  8. Hi Judith
    This is very delicate. Just lovely.

  9. Judy , these two are super, you really get a feel of the material, and I love how you kept the light .

  10. Dear Judy,
    Lovely! Next time, please invite me for your tea.
    Kind reagrds,wink,wink, Sadami

  11. Gorgeous work! I hope I get around to doing this one! So many challenges, so little time! lol! :D
    I like what you said about painting what you see and forgetting what it is. Good advice!

  12. love the composition - beautifully done judy

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Judy!
    Love all the colours in both. Really well painted xx

  14. Hi Ellen, thank you for your visit!

    Hi Jane, the circles were the most difficult, glad you like it!

    Hi Sadami, you are welcome for tea any time!

    Thank you Kathryn!

    Thank you Maria!

    Thanks Lisa! Wish you success with your painting!

    Hi Lynn, thanks!

    Thank you Jane, I love the composition too!

    Thank you Pat!

    Thank you Lydie!

  15. joli travail j'aime les couleurs que tu utilise

  16. Wonderful version, Judy! I like the colors you used and the light on gold and silver. Ciao!

  17. Great job on a difficult subject Judy, love the colors and highlights.

  18. Hoi Judy:) Ik heb nog geen poging gedaan, maar volgens mij is dit wel een moeilijke! Je hebt er wel wat moois van gemaakt!

  19. Me gusta mucho como has resuelto todos los reflejos, sus colores cálidos y frios... felicidades!

  20. Dat is geen makkelijke opdracht. Goed gelukt.
    Groet, Annet

  21. Merci beaucoup Isabellen!

    Grazie mille, Tito!

    Thank you, Sidmar!

    Dankjewel Renate, het tekenen van al die cirkels was het moeilijkst.

    Muchas gracias, Tina!

    Dankje Annet!

  22. Perfect interpretation, Judy! I love how you managed to paint all these shiny spots and reflections by preserving the freshness of the color.

  23. Great work, great! I love them!

  24. these are all delicate and lovely! Really enjoying your work.

  25. This is fabulous! I am a member and still trying to figure out how to do this .. !!!! Excellent! BJ

  26. Thank you Blaga, Irina, Sue and Perrine!

    BJ, you can do it!!

  27. I like it very much this pots. Good!

  28. Thank you entintades!
    Thank you Christelle!


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