05 september 2012


Twee kleine schilderijen voor de challenge van vorige week op Daily Paintworks. Beide ong. 20 x 17 cm.
Ik heb dit bericht een wat donkerder achtergrond gegeven zodat ze beter uitkomen. Dit was leuk om te schilderen, gewoon schilderen wat je ziet en niet nadenken. En ik had een lekkere omelet na afloop.
Ik ben dol op het schilderen van eten! :)

Two small paintings for last week's challenge on Daily Paintworks. Both appr. 20 x 17 cm.
I gave this post a little darker background so they stand out better. These were fun to paint, just paint what you see and don't think. And I had a delicious omelette afterwards. 
I like painting food! :)

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtig weer!
    Ik blijf genieten van jouw heerlijk losse stijl en kleurenkeuze. Ben blij dat je weer 'back in business' bent.

  2. I really like how you make it look very simply painted with just the essential lines and color spots. This is a characteristic of your overall style - something that I look up to.
    I like them both, but the top one has a better composition with the three objects closer together, and as you said - better contrast.

  3. What a challenging subject! And you have done it perfectly! i love the shine on the yolk :0)

  4. La composition de la deuxième aquarelle m'amuse, avec un peu d'imagination, je peux y voir un visage. Les couleurs sont vraiment magnifiques

  5. Dankje Brigitte, ik heb ineens een hoop om te laten zien.

    Hi Blaga, I appreciate your comment very much! I am able to create mud too, you know :) You make me think about what I actually do when I paint. I think I usually don't do more than two layers, and I wait for the first layer to dry before adding the second. Maybe sometimes add some minor details after that.

    Thank you Sandra! It was a real challenge, but that is the fun of challenges, isn't it. :)

    Merci beaucoup Lydie! Je vois un visage maintenant aussi :) Avec un nez de clown!

  6. Je houd ons wel bezig met je prachtig uitvoeringen heel mooi gedaan groetjes Danielle

  7. Aaah, food! I never manage to paint it, it disappears too quickly in our mouths..
    Beautiful and funny. And I wanted to add smiling mouth to the second one.
    And they definitely deserve to be signatured!

  8. Danielle, dankjewel!

    Thank you Irina, just take photo's and then eat! ;)

  9. Great colourcombinations! Love this!
    Take care!

  10. Ashok and Catharina, thank you!

  11. Fantástico el huevo roto Judy.

    Un abrazo

  12. great challenge and results ... i like white bg judy

  13. Muchas gracias, Rosa!

    Thank you Jane! I confess I like white backgrounds too. Sometimes that just is enough.

  14. This is amazing! It seems like a very difficult subject to paint, given the subtleties of the colors. But you handled it beautifully! I am very impressed.


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